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Professional performers, bursting with confidence and charisma. We’re a fun bunch of food-fanatics, committed to creating the best experience for you and your consumers.

‘I have worked for The Food Connection for nearly two years now and can’t express how brilliant they are to work for! You could be sampling an exciting new brand in Harrods or Selfridges one day or having the best time at London’s Taste festival the next! The entire team are just about the kindest people you could ever meet and the work is always fresh and exciting! If like me you’re a foodie who loves talking to other foodies you’ll definitely have the best time and wonder where TFC have been all your life!’

Michaela Cartmell-Hull
Food Connector

Blonde woman smiling and wearing a white apron with ‘Spoon’ on it. She is standing behind a blue table with ‘Spoon’ cereal boxes and some sample pots and leaflets on it.

‘Apart from getting to work with some amazing brands and passionate food creators, the team at TFC makes me feel properly taken care of and valued as a Food Connector.’

Jennifer Kay
Food Connector

Young woman smiling and wearing a baseball cap and Dalston’s Soda branded t-shirt. She is fanning some promotional leaflets in front of a table with a purple tablecloth and a marketing banner.
Young man with blonde hair wearing a black shirt. He is standing behind a small wooden table at Selfridges, Oxford street in the Food Hall. He is holding a small bottle of Noju Japanese  marinade.
Mixed-race young woman with afro hair smiling whilst standing behind a table. She is holding 2 cans of ‘Dash’ sparkling water.
Male with his back facing the camera jumping in the air in a star-jump position. He is wearing an orange waterproof jacket with the words ‘High Protein, Serious Flavour, The Curators’ on it and holding 2 packets of ‘The Curators’ Pork puff snacks.

‘Working as a Food Connector always gives my happiness and healthiness a boost! I’ve had the privilege to work across many different brands and find the innovation in the foodie field truly exciting! It rouses the spirit as well as the taste-buds and I always meet nice people who share my passion for good food.’

Suzie Kendall
Food Connector

Young blonde woman looking downwards at a black and white ‘dessert’ sign that she is holding. She is standing behind a table with dessert pots laid out on it.

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